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to see some interesting information and products on the subject of Healing Gemstone Jewelry. Enjoy!


My second website has more jewelry pieces for you to see.  You can also find a glossary of healing stones and their properties on that site.



My Healing Site has a page in which you can receive a free Reiki Healing just by focusing on the crystal (that has been attuned to give you a Reiki Healing session, for as long as you need it)  and being present.

*** has a wonderful range of harmony ball pendants and Harmony Ball necklace designs in Sterling Silver and many with Gemstones with plenty of information to be found on their Harmony Ball Blog. 


If you are looking for 'Tree of Life' jewelry then has a quality range of
Tree of Life Pendants including beautiful Tree of Life Necklace designs and Tree of Life Bracelets and more all at very affordable prices.

Looking for all different kinds of healing modalities on the internet is great fun!  It's like looking through a giant encyclopedia.  I've attached some links from my site to ones that are relevant so that you can peruse different sites on the same topic without having to jump all over the place.  I hope you enjoy your journey. 



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