Healing Gemstone Necklaces

Beautiful Handcrafted, Fine Jewelry, 

One-of-a-kind Necklaces! 

Each of these necklaces are one of a kind pieces of jewelry. 

They are all made of fine metals and precious or semi-precious

 gemstones, only natural and authentic. The wire wrapping,

 many of the unique clasps, soldering, and all of the designs 

are done by me, Nirado. If you see a design you like but 

would like a different stone, I can work with you on that. Just

  email your request to me. 

Check out the accessories page and the earrings page for earrings that match. 

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When you find a gemstone you are in resonance with, you can just feel it, you are so drawn to it you have to have it close to you, touch it. 

You feel so much better when you are wearing it. You never know why, but you just have to have that stone, or piece of jewelry. 

It makes you feel good. You get the feeling it's talking to you. 

Welcome to a gemstone healing. Holding one, sleeping with one, putting one in the water you drink, wearing one as a piece of jewelry, all can be a very moving experience.