cactus quartz or spirit quartz


This yummy crystal looks like it has sugar crystals all over it.  It's a crystal druzy.  The sterling and fine silver handmade cap has a Labradorite setting. When it is white it is also called Fariy Spriit Quartz. 

Spirit Quartz is an exceptionally spiritual stone that takes the energetic properties of Quartz to another level. This uplifting stone radiates high-vibration energy in all directions while the core crystal tightly focuses healing that reaches multi-dimensions and reprograms cellular memory. Carrying the gifts of the spirit and enhancing metaphysical abilities, this stone opens the crown and higher crown chakras, aligning and purifying the entire chakra system. 

Spiritually this stone facilitates out-of-body journeying, assists the ascension process, activates the lightbody and facilitates multi-dimensional, spiritual, and cellular healing. Encouraging insightful dreams, it is helpful in all metaphysical work, especially for reframing the past. Carrying the vibration of universal love, this crystal heals and rejigs the etheric blueprint for the present life. Pinpointing significant karmic connections and the gift or karmic justice in a traumatic situation, it promotes self-forgiveness. A stone of non-duality that perfectly balances and blends male and female, yin and yang. Spirit Quartz facilitates the transition between different brainwave states, facilitating combination states and stimulating heightened awareness and psychic perception. A useful aid to rebirthing, this stone purifies and stimulates the subtle energetic bodies. 

Spirit Quartz assists at death, guiding the soul through different dimensions of the afterlife to the highest possible vibration and into the hands of those who are waiting to welcome it home. It provides comfort to those who are left behind, and is useful for obtaining an overview of any situation. Places in the south-east of the medicine wheel or used in meditation or regression, Spirit Quartz takes you to meet the spirits of your ancestors and those of the planet- program it for ancestral healing, especially for reframing the past. 

Group oriented Spirit Quartz is paricularly useful for those who give service, especially as part of an organization, as it synthesizes group efforts and brings about productive harmony. Facilitating spiritual or healing groups, it provides insights into problems experienced within a community or a family and can be programmed to alleviate these. Spirit Quartz cleanses other stones and enhances their energy in a healing layout. It stabilizes earth energies. 

Psychologically, Spirit Quartz heals discord, instilling patience and overcoming obsessive behavior. Offering insights into the cause, it assists with an efffective but gentle psychological, mental and emottional detox. 

Spirit Quartz offers multi-dimensional healing and rejigs cellular memory. It is beneficial for detoxification, fertility and skin eruptions. 

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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