Boji Stone Earrings


Do you know about Boji stones?  I have such a cool story to tell you. 

The certified copyrighted name of the stone is Boji, named by a woman who discovered them in Western Kansas. Western Kansas is the only place they can be found. Simply put, she found them on her land and communed with them and learned the characteristics of the stone and then named them.  They can be found in one area on her land, but they can also be found on the land outside her land. Since they are not on her land, copyrighted by her, they are called by their ancient Native American name of Pop Rocks.  That's because the folks would throw them in the fire and they would pop. 

The stones are pyrite concretions formed over a nucleous of fossilized seashell. When Kansas was under water when our continents were forming, a mound of this substance was formed under the water in a shape of a pyramid.  At the base of the pyramid sitting on little mounds in groups are the little Boji or Pop Stones.  There is one male in the center and up to 10 females surrounding it, all sitting on these little mounds. As the water left the midwest, these mounds were left.  I've never seen it but when the image was described to me it stuck in my head as if I'd seen it somewhere. I really tuned into it.  The male is textured and the female is smooth.  Used in pairs they are quite powerful.  You can feel their energy as soon as you put them in your hand.

I made them into earrings enabling the wearer to remove them at any time to use them.  If you are a healer, though you don't have to be to use them of course, I thought it would be perfect to use them in your work.  Each order receives an Antakarana symbol to clear them each time you use them. They are used for Auric healing, energy balancing, healing of injured areas on the body, You can meditate with them and have a really wonderful deep meditation.  

Explanation and instructions on their use are supplied with the purchase of these earrings.





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