Traveler's Guardian

Man has been carrying around gemstones for luck, protection, abundance, good health, happiness - you name it - for thousands of years.  One of the stones that has been found to be man's favorite traveling stone is an amethyst.  One traveled with an amethyst in their pocket or pouch, around their neck, or hanging on their wagon for safe journeys.  Today we can tie one on our rear view mirror, the zipper in our suitcase, in our purse, wherever you can find a safe place for it to be close to you while traveling.  The Travel Guardians I have designed and made are strung on a base metal wire with man made faceted crystals, magnificently catching the sun's rays in the facets. 

The gemstone  AMETHYST is a stone of protection for any kind of travel; land, air, sea.  Some stones are better suited for certain kinds of travel, such as Moonstone  and aquamarine for travel by sea,  Malachite for travel by air, but Amethyst is best for any kind of travel.  I've taken a little liberty by also making some with a mix of stones.  Enjoy! 

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