Gemstones for Animals

Animal Healing Gemstones

Animals love Reiki!!

Meera loves her Healing Gemstone Pendant

Any Gemstone on the site can be made into Gemstones for animals. The Animal Healing Gemstones are made exclusively for your animal.  They are attuned to give a Reiki healing for as long as they need it. Wearing one of these Animal Healing Gemstones can help with emotional, mental, behavior or health problems. Or maybe to help your baby just feel special!   I find that animals just love their piece of jewelry and greet them with sheer excitement.

Ordering a pendent for your baby is easy !  

1)  You can choose one of the displayed selections on the pendants page.

2)  You can correspond with me sharing your baby's problem and we find a stone to create into a pendant. 

As a Reiki Master, I will attune the pendant with Reiki  to help achieve the intention you wanted for the animal. The Reiki attunement is complimentary for animals.  It's part of my service to animals everywhere.  

Lady feels so special in her gemstone for animals


Each pendant is shipped with a clip on clasp so that you can just slip the clip on their collar. You will receive two sizes to be sure the clip will fit on the size of the loop on your baby's collar. I would suggest you either remove the tags that are there, if any, or wrap them in tape so that they do not do any damage to the stone. Your order will also include a clearing symbol to clear the stone of negative or harmful energy it has absorbed. 

Please list below:
*the name of your animal
*what kind of animal you are contacting me about
*what your animal's issue/s are

* If you would like to pick the stone or you would like my Guidance to pick it for your animal.

Please also send a picture of your animal so that I can attune the stone for just him/her.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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All Animal pendants include a Reiki attunement and are $15 with free shipping in the US. 
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