One of a kind jewelry with healing gemstones

All my pendants are One of a kind jewelry with Healing Gemstones and Sterling Silver.  I sell the chains separately because lots of people have their own chains and like to change them around.  

If you do need a Sterling Silver chain, I have lots of them, every size, shape, and thickness.  They are priced separately.  Just send me an email to inquire about chains.  

I currently have several styles of pendants to choose from.  Plain, swirl, silver bezel, silver bail, etc.  If you see a design you like but would like a different stone, email your request to me. 

Any of the stones shown can be used for animals as well.  You can peruse through the entire site looking at stones and if there is one that you would like for your animal, let me know and I will make the pendant. Or, you can use my Guidance to choose for you and your animal. See the "Gemstones for Animals" page. 

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